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Common Signs of an Impending Water Heater Failure

Rumbling Sounds

Does your once quiet water heater now suddenly rumble, groan, and pop every time it fires up? If so, you could have sediment buildup in your tank. As your water heater ages, it is normal for sediment to begin to accumulate. Over time, the sediment becomes hardened as it is reheated over and over again. The hardened sediment causes the noisiness you are hearing when your water heater turns on. In addition to being noisy, sediment can be detrimental to your water heater. It reduces the efficiency of the heater, which can cause your energy bills to soar as more gas or electricity is used to heat your water. It can also indirectly lead to damage to your water heater tank. Because the water heater is less efficient, it takes longer to heat water, which means that the water will cause more wear and tear on the tank. As a result, the tank can become brittle and develop cracks. Respond to your rumbling water heater by calling a plumber for repair.

Rust-Colored Water
If your water has taken on a rusty tone, then your water heater could be to blame. If your rust-colored water only appears when your hot water is rusting, your tank could be rusting on the inside and could start leaking. The best way to determine if your water heater is causing your rusty water is to call a plumber and let him or her evaluate your system. You can also do your own check by filling up buckets with water. If you fill up three or more buckets and the water is still rusty, your water heater is more likely to be causing the problem than rusty pipes.

Inadequate Hot Water

Do you notice that you have to crank your hot water up higher than ever when you take a shower? Is your family suddenly arguing about cold showers when your hot water supply was never an issue in the past? A declining amount of hot water could indicate a problem with your water heater. Call your plumber out to inspect it for damage or malfunction so you can get the required repairs and get back to enjoying a full supply of hot water.

Whether you need water heater repair or emergency help, our plumbers are available around the clock to provide the expert services you need. While you’re there, don’t miss our blog to learn more about our 24-hour plumbing services, where you can get advice about maintaining your plumbing and avoiding costly repairs.

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