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How Much Does a Typical Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

Having a quality air conditioning system can make or break the comfort of your home. While there are many benefits to installing a new HVAC unit, such as lowering energy costs, being more energy efficient, and reducing the chance of system break downs, there are many questions that arise when planning to install a new air conditioning unit. Primarily, how much does it cost to actually install?

Those with forced-air heating systems may worry that changing the heating system will be extremely costly and possibly result in ineffectiveness. If you don’t have ducts, you may worry how they could possibly be added without destroying your house in the process and costing an arm and a leg to install. However, installing an air conditioning unit is much easier and less costly than you may think.

Prices of installation can vary based on if your home has an existing forced-air heating system or if your home needs ducts. When adding to an existing air conditioning system two technicians can usually do the installation in one or two days, and often with little to no changes to the ducting. For those without existing duct work, the time to install could take an additional day. A contractor with experience in retrofitting has the ability to hide the ductwork behind walls with few cuts into walls and ceilings, resulting in very minimal mess.

At Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our experienced AC technicians can help you with every step of air conditioning installation. From a heat pump to traditional air conditioning, we provide professional installation for long-term cooling. In addition to high quality AC installation, we also provide full service and repair for central air conditioning units. Contact us at (702) 382-2478 to learn more about our HVAC and plumbing services and solutions, or visit online at .
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