Four Easy Tips to Be Energy Efficient This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, your appliances will be working over-time with the extra meal prep and hours spent in the kitchen to feed a crowd. Without proper precautions, this can lead to a major spike in your energy bill, which is definitely not ideal with the holiday season right around the corner. To avoid these unwanted additions, the experts at Yes! Air Conditioning and Heating are highlighting four easy ways to curb your energy consumption this Thanksgiving.

  1. Bake Multiple Dishes at Once

The oven is one of the main culprits of excess energy usage in your kitchen. It may take a little more strategizing up-front, but baking or re-heating more than one dish side-by-side or on different levels of your oven not only majorly reduces energy consumption, but also ensures that your food comes out hot and ready at the same time!

  1. Be Diligent About Keeping the Refrigerator Closed

A refrigerator expends a lot of energy when it loses cool air, which is why it is very important to be cautious of your refrigerator usage when prepping the Thanksgiving feast. Make sure the seals on your fridge are tightly closed, and when possible, try to gather all ingredients for a dish in one trip. To further keep your refrigerator at a consistent resting temperature, allow leftovers to cool fully before storing.

  1. Don’t Hand-Wash Your Dishes

When it’s time for clean-up, scrape excess food into the trash and skip the pre-rinse – most dishwashers are powerful enough to render this extra step unnecessary. When it comes to hand-washing vs. the dishwasher, the latter actually uses significantly less energy. Keeping the hot water running is taxing on your heater and a common way to waste both water and energy. To be even more efficient, make sure your dishwasher is fully loaded before starting the cycle!

  1. Utilize Your Fireplace

A fire is the perfect complement to a cozy Thanksgiving night, not to mention it conserves energy and can lower your electricity bill when the weather gets chilly. If you have a fireplace in your home, flip off the heat and hang out with family and friends around the fireplace. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit!

Is your plumbing and HVAC system prepped for the upcoming holiday season? If not, the professionals at Yes! Air Conditioning and Heating are here to make sure your home is ready for the festivities! Give us a call at 702-382-2478 or visit


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