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We remain open and ready to serve you 24/7. Click here for our COVID-19 protocols.

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Air Conditioner Installation

Put Your Air Conditioner in the Hands of Experienced Las Vegas AC Technicians

If your Las Vegas air conditioning unit is no longer keeping it’s cool in the desert heat, it may be time to consider installing a new ac unit. Purchasing a new air conditioner is a worthwhile investment to keep your home comfortable. With advances in HVAC technology, many of the newer units offer extra benefits. Our team at Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing can provide you with the safe ac installation for a new unit. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty on our workmanship — providing you with exceptional service is our priority.

Signs You May Need a New AC Unit

It can be difficult to know whether your AC unit simply needs another repair or if the time has come that you should replace it. Although it can seem like a big investment, the cost of a new AC unit can often be cheaper than paying for continuous repairs on an older unit. Some signs that you might need a new AC unit include:

  • Your air conditioner is old. Properly installed and well-maintained air conditioners can last up to 15 years, but if your air conditioner needs major repairs and is more than 10 years old, you might want to go ahead and replace it.
  • Your home isn’t comfortable. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home cool and comfortable, what’s the point in running it? You may need a newer AC unit or a system that is better sized to your home.
  • Your AC needs repairs frequently. If your AC unit is racking up repair costs and breakdowns, it might be time to get a new unit. It’ll save you both time and money to invest in the newer unit and prevent having to pay for costly repairs over and over again.
  • Your air conditioner uses too much energy. Many older AC units aren’t very energy efficient compared to their newer counterparts, which means your energy bill is probably higher than it needs to be.

Getting a new AC Unit Has Many Benefits, Including:

  • New units tend to be more energy efficient. This is due to improved technology and AC efficiency in newer models
  • New units have a reduced chance of break downs giving you peace of mind during the times when you need it most.
  • New units provide increased comfort.
  • New units can lower your energy costs. Getting a new unit will help you save money in operating costs, cutting down on your spending in the long-term.

If you’re uncertain whether you’re in need of a new air conditioning installation, our experts at Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing can talk you through the pros and cons.

Las Vegas Premier AC Installation Technicians

At Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we have more than 45 years of experience helping you deal with the extreme weather changes in the Las Vegas area. In addition to high quality AC installation, we also provide full service and repair for central air conditioning and AC units so you don’t end up stuck in the heat. All of our skilled technicians receive regular training and have access to the highest quality equipment to ensure your repair is completed to the latest standards. Providing high quality service to our Las Vegas customers is our number one priority, which is why we provide a one-year labor warranty on all the work we perform.

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