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Yes! is your best choice if you are looking for heat tape installation in Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah. Our technicians are trained and specialized in installing, maintaining, and replacing heat tape for gutters, pipes, and roofs. We have served the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas area for over 40 years, bringing affordable heat tape services to our clients. We help our clients install heat tape in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas home water pipes to prevent ice dams from forming, so they have running water in snow and ice weather conditions.

From your initial contact with us to service delivery, we offer the best value for your money for Salt Lake City and Las Vegas heat tape for roofs.

Get Affordable and Convenient Installation

We understand the value of our relationship with you, our client, so we prioritize keeping you comfortable at all times. Contact us for specialized installation service for your home in Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. Heat tape for gutters is a specialty of ours, and our professional representatives will understand your exact needs.

We then recommend and provide the best solutions for you. We are client-focused and always include vital information you share with us. We care about your needs and wants. And after the job is finished, we’ll always leave your house as clean as we found it.

All Our Technicians Are Certified and Qualified

Anchoring the passion of our technicians to provide solutions are the certifications that qualify them to serve you. All Yes! technicians are background and drug tested and EPA, Truetech, and NATE certified. You always get excellent and industry-standard services for heat tape in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas when you call Yes! Our knowledge of the cities helps us to serve you better. We know your pain points and will address them when you hire us for an installation in your home, including heat tape for water lines installations.

Our Technicians Have Pride in Their Work

At Yes!, our gutter, heat, and cable technicians proudly serve you, our client, providing solutions that make your life easier. We are fast and accurate, providing lightning-fast/same-day service! We are always on hand at any time of the day, in any season, to install and maintain your pipe heating cable to keep your rain gutter, pipe, and duct from freezing.

Save Energy With Our Efficient Services

We take pride in offering more than others. Our technicians provide an efficient solution to help you save power while maximizing your heat tape to prevent snow and sub-freezing weather damage.

40 Years of Premier Heat Tape Installation Services in Salt Lake City

Yes! is the premier company for installing and maintaining heat tapes in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. We know how heat tape installation works and how to give you the best value for your money when you contact us. For over 40 years, we have gradually made a name as a company to trust; we are always available when you need us. Our team is dedicated to helping you make the right choice. We offer a wide range of solutions, from consultation to services such as our roof heat cable installation, and will patiently guide you through the process. Give us a call today at 844-216-9300.

What to Know About Yes! Heat Tape Service

Does heat tape actually work?

Heat tapes prevent freezing in plastic and metal water-filled lines such as gutters, pipes, and roofs for your home. Heat tapes are effective and widely used for their efficiency and wide range of applications; get specialized installation service with Yes! 

Heat tapes are efficient for ice melting, prevent the formation of ice dams, and generally improve the lifespan of gutters and pipes by preventing damage in sub-freezing conditions. Cable heat installation is a great way to reduce your energy consumption, as self regulating heat cables are intelligent and only heat pipes and gutters when the temperature drops to certain levels.

For over 40 years, Salt Lake residents have trusted Yes! to install, maintain, and replace heat tapes. Contact us today for efficient, fast, and round-the-clock heat tape services!

How long does heat tape last?

Heat tape typically lasts three years, from installation until they are no longer effective, depending on use and quality. That is why installing heat cable with guaranteed quality service is important.

Heat tapes are exposed to water and electricity, bringing heat to pipes, ducts, gutters, and roofs in cold weather. The elements eventually affect heat tapes, destroying the insulating cables. This is why heat tapes do not typically last beyond three years and should be changed at least once within that time frame. Installing a heat tape and heat cable system involves initial costs that you may have to repeat every 36 months. Keep in touch with your heat tape technician for regular maintenance checks to get information before your heat tape fails. Contact Yes! for lasting and efficient heat tapes.

Can I leave my heat tape plugged in?

You can leave your modern heat tape plugged in, thanks to smart thermostats that regulate temperature, turning the heat tape on or off as required. Look no further than Yes! to get heat tape installation with modern thermostat control.

Concerned about leaving your heat tape plugged in to save energy and control temperature? Unlike older models, you do not need to leave your heat tape plugged in to achieve the right temperature. You can easily prevent ice dams and roof damage by setting the right temperature on your heat tape and leaving it plugged in. The thermostat lets you focus on other things while your heat tape works. To get more information about setting the right temperature for your heat tape, contact the Yes! heat tape technicians for directions.

Did my energy bill go up because of my heat tape?

Heat tapes, just like other electrical devices, use electrical energy, though far less than what some other devices may consume. Heat tapes are energy-efficient, using between just six to nine watts per foot per hour. Get a Yes! technician for heat tape for your gutters. We also have pros at Yes! for heat tape for pipes. Our team also does heat tape for roofs. Last but not least, Yes! will install homes with heat tape for water line energy-efficient installations.

There are several reasons why your energy bill may increase. You may have leaky ducts in your heat or cooling system, causing it to overwork and consume more electricity. You may also have a malfunctioning thermostat that causes your heat systems, including heat tapes, to consume more electricity.

If your energy bill increases and you need help determining why, contact an Yes! technician to confirm that your heat tape is not the cause.

Why do I need heat tape for my home?

Heat tape is a heat-resistant protected tape that converts electrical energy into heat energy, supplying heat to surfaces such as gutters, roofs, ducts, and downspouts. Heat tapes melt snow and prevent water from freezing to protect roofs, gutters, and pipes.

Contact Yes! for gutter, heat, and cable services. Some homes may also need self regulating heating cable. Some areas can be snowy, and self regulating heating cable efficiently removes snow that could damage your roof. When installing heat tapes to prevent ice dam formation, you may save money on energy and repairs and improve your home conditions and resale value.

Salt Lake City and Las Vegas residents have trusted Yes! for roof, heat, and cable installation services and maintaining ice melt systems for over 40 years. At Yes!, we value our customers, and will always ensure you’re receiving the best value for your money.

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