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5 Tips to Staying Cool During the Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone knows that saving fuel and energy for your car during the hot summer is as easy as turning off the AC and rolling the windows down. But, what about summer energy saving methods in your home? Living in Las Vegas, surely, we can’t be expected to open our home’s windows to save energy or cool us down.  The air conditioning professionals at Yes! are here to explain how you can stay cool and not break the bank this summer.

  1. Make Sure Your A.C. is Functional

One sure-fire way to have a high electric bill this summer is to have an air conditioning unit that does not work properly! Schedule a maintenance tune-up before the high heat waves hit. Your technician can make sure filters have been changed periodically and properly. Also, that the unit’s condensation is being properly drained. Once your unit is functional, it is believed that turning your AC temperature up and down costs more than keeping it the same temperature. That myth is false! One of the great things about air conditioning units is that they have the ability to schedule when to cool and when to go up in temperature. If you are the kind of family that is in and out of the house all summer, it is best to set your unit to a routine where it cools while you’re home and is at “rest” when you’re not. Even better, invest in a smart thermostat to do the work for you.

  1. Seal Vents and Cracks

It’s very easy for cool air to escape through small cracks in your home, including walls, wood floors and the seams of windows and vents. It is always a good idea to seal any passageway that could allow cool-air to leak, especially in the hot summer months in Las Vegas. Concealing cold air will also allow you to lower the amount of energy spent on air conditioning because your unit won’t be working so hard to cool the home.

  1. Turn Off Lights

During the day when lights are necessary, turn them off to reduce static heat in the home. This will help reduce the overall temperature of your home and, in turn, not force you to blast the air conditioning.

  1. Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

Instead of relying on just your air conditioning unit to cool rooms, make sure to turn ceiling fans on to help circulate cool air throughout the house.

  1. Change Your Routine

Here are a few tips lumped into one that could help cut your bill down:

  • When the sun goes down it naturally becomes cooler, so to save, we suggest turning down the AC temperature a few degrees.
  • Move your furniture away from vents and airways. This keeps your sofas, blankets or rugs from soaking up all the air or blocking it from the rest of the house.

For more information on how to save energy throughout the summer while staying cool, chat with the Yes! Man about the best setting and temperature for your home.

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