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5 Tricks to Support Indoor Air Quality

There is no place like home, so it’s important to keep your living conditions up to par. Most homeowners are probably not aware that the air inside their home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. It’s scary to think that our safe haven may not be as safe for our health as we thought! However, there are several ways to make sure that the air inside your home is clean and safe for you, your family and guests to breathe. Here are five easy tricks for maintaining clean indoor air quality:

1.Bring the outside in

Yes, that may sound very counterintuitive, but in fact, plants naturally clean the air around them. Thus, by bringing them into your home they can naturally filter and clean the air for you. Some examples of houseplants that can clean the air in your house include aloe plants, English ivy, rubber trees and bamboo palms.

2.Change your air filters

This trick seems fairly obvious, but it’s so crucial for clean air quality inside your home. The air filter is the first line of defense against impurities in the air. AC units generally work by circulating and recirculating air; however, over time, the air filters inside your HVAC system will collect so many particles that it can become unhealthy. Once the air filter is dirty, the circulated air will also be dirty. By changing your air filters, you can ensure that only clean, filtered air is circulating through your house.

3.Clean your pillows!

While they may feel comfy, your pillows are dirtier than you think. Dust mites and other allergens love to thrive on the fabric, and if they are on your pillows, they have the potential to make into the air. Clean your pillowcases every week to ensure they don’t affect the air quality in your home.

4.Reduce humidity

Toxic mold and bacteria love to breed in areas with high humidity. Activities such as cooking, bathing and even breathing release water particles into the air that can cause humidity inside the home. To reduce the humidity levels, simply place a humidifier indoors which in turn will reduce the number of toxins and bacteria in the air.

5.Crack your windows

Ironically, cracking your windows every now and then allows your house to get some fresh air for itself. Newer homes tend to not breathe very well, and with AC units constantly recirculating air it can be bad for air quality. Treat your home (and even yourself) to some fresh air to enhance air quality and promote healthy living.

If you feel that you need a professional to assess the air quality in your home, call Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Don’t take your pipes for granted! For more information on indoor air quality contact us at 702-382-2478 to learn more or visit us online at https://www.theyesmancan.com/.


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