7 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

May 04, 2023

We all know that feeling of staring at the energy bill at the end of the month and wondering how you racked up such an amount! Keeping up with a high energy bill each month can be exhausting both emotionally and financially. You have to put your foot down and do something about your situation before moving to a new place becomes your only option. To help you do this, we have put together tips on saving on your energy bill. Don’t waste another moment, save up and thank us later.

  1. Save on light bulbs
    That incandescent traditional bulb is milking you dry as it shines. Replace your traditional energy-sucking bulbs with LED energy saving bulbs. LED bulbs are the ideal options for all modern homes. They are affordable to purchase, durable, and provide the same if not brighter illumination.

  2. Heating and cooling
    Do you know that for each degree above 20 degrees you use adds 10% to your heating bill? Make the conscious effort to manage heating and cooling in the home. During winter, set your thermostat anywhere between 18-20 degrees and in the summer 26 degrees or above. It will take some adjusting to but you can also try other degrees that require less energy but can suit your needs. Opt for programmable thermostats or energy saving models.

  3. Go for a low-flow shower head
    Yes, forceful sprays can be satisfying but it is possible to enjoy this with low-flow showerheads. A lot of older showers pump out between 4-5 gallons of water per minute which is a sharp contrast to low-flow showerheads that pump out 1.5 gallons.

  4. Switch up appliances
    Several homeowners hold on to old appliances for too long. These old appliances take up more energy than necessary and should be replaced by new ones. New and developed models of these appliances are geared towards energy saving for your home.

  5. Seal those openings
    Windows, doors, and cracks are great openings for the hot or cold air that could lower the efficiency of your heater or air conditioner. Inspect your home and seal these spaces with foam or any dense material.

  6. Install attic fans and ceiling fans
    The electric bill is a significant part of your problems. To help save on this bill, installing attic and ceiling fans for the home is important. The attic fans help to draw in cool air and remove hot air while ceiling fans keep the air circulating to lessen the load of the air conditioner. These installations can help you reduce the energy bill by up to 20%.

  7. Use cold water
    Wash clothes in cold water to reduce almost 90% of the energy bill that usually goes into heating water. Most homeowners do not realize the huge impact of heating water on the energy bill. You will observe this difference when you add up a few weeks of washing with cold water.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2023