Common Problems That Lead to Generator Repairs

May 19, 2023

Common Problems That Lead to Generator Repairs

Whole home generators are important as alternative sources of power for many households, especially if you are in areas that experience unexpected power outages as a result of heavy rain storms or hurricanes. But even the best of machines breaks down occasionally. Which is why knowing some common issues your generator faces help you prepare ahead of time for repair and maintenance activities.

Below are some of the most common challenges your generators may face – and what to do when you need generator repairs

Battery Failure

Challenges with your generator battery is the most common issue you’d likely encounter out of most generator problems faced. Your generator batteries can get weak from constant usage as time flies by. Sometimes, your generator battery may fail because the terminals connecting the generator and the battery are dirty or loose. Knowing the lifespan of your generator batteries helps you plan for their replacement before they get weak.

Coolant Leakages

Your generator has a liquid that helps cool down the engines known as the “coolant.” If your generator often works for long periods of time, the high temperatures can melt the tubes carrying coolant round the generator leading to leaks. Low amounts of coolant increase the rate at which your engine overheats. This is because the coolant can no longer effectively absorb and redistribute the heat generated by your generator.

Insufficient Fuel Level

When fuel supply to your generator is low, you’re not likely to get the best experience from it. You can even find it difficult to switch on your generator if the fuel levels are very low. It is important to pay attention to your generator’s fuel levels by monitoring the fuel level gauge. This will help you know when your generator is running low on fuel or when you have a fuel leak, especially when you find out that you’re using more fuel than usual.

Low Oil Levels

It’s easy to overlook your oil levels when it comes to your generator. But doing so can be really problematic if the oil levels get low. Your generator wears down faster as the moving parts don’t have enough lubrication to overcome the friction generated from rubbing against each other. If the oil levels are not restored to their right amounts, the possibility of your generator stalling – or getting damaged permanently – is very high.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters help prevent contaminants like debris and dirt from getting into the sensitive internal components of your generator. But when they get clogged up from the buildup of dirt, their ability to protect your generator reduces. When this happens, your generator won’t run as smoothly as it used to

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