Congratulations “Think Green and Clean” Winners!

May 17, 2023

Last month, the Yes! Think Green & Clean Contest with the Clark County School District came to a close. We compiled over 150 entries from our local students, and chose four winners, based on creativity, topic-specificity, sustainability and impact of the idea.

The contest encouraged students from kindergarten through twelfth grade to submit ideas on how to conserve water, energy, or both in their local Las Vegas Valley community. Ideas were submitted in the form of written essays, drawings and models between September 21 and October 16, 2015, for a chance to win cash prizes.

We’d like to congratulate this year’s winners, and thank them for their participation in the Think Green & Clean Contest!â

  • Middle School, First Place: Ardian Agolli, seventh grade at Victoria Fertitta Middle School. Ardian is awarded $200 for his essay and picture illustration on eco-friendly and biodegradable oil plantations and rigs. He explains that oil rigs should double as greenhouses, producing food for the crews and, in turn, energy. He explains how oil rigs can be powered using wind and solar energy and lastly, that scrap material should be recycled and repurposed for items and parts around the plantation.

  • Middle School, Second Place: Kaitlyne Ibay, seventh grade at Victoria Fertitta Middle School. Kaitlyne is awarded $100 for her essay and picture illustration on how going outdoors can save energy. She recommends teachers be required to teach outside one day per week, if weather permits. This way, students and staff will have a more enjoyable life and the school will save energy.

  • Elementary, First Place: Daniel Alvarez, fourth grade at Lincoln Elementary School. Daniel is awarded $150 for his essay on energy and water saving. He recommends implementing a set electronic-usage time to save energy, and using water only for dire needs.

  • Elementary, Second Place: Alex Tirado, third grade at Wing and Lilly Fong Elementary School. Alex is awarded $100 for his essay and picture book on saving water. He recommends searching for unknown water resources and travelling to speak about water conservation.

An additional $500 was donated to Victoria Fertitta Middle School for encouraging the most student entries!

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