Costly Water Guzzlers Around Your Home

May 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered how much water you’re using around the home on common tasks, such as washing dishes or taking a shower? While clean water may seem like it’s readily available here in the U.S., it’s an unknown privilege to many around the world. Due to the rising number of droughts across the U.S., Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing wants to highlight some ways in which you may be using too much water.

The list below shows just how much water you could be using in your home. It may surprise you!

Bath: 40 gallons
5-minute shower: 10 gallons
5-minute power shower: 20 gallons
Brushing your teeth with the tap running: 2 gallons/min
Brushing your teeth with the tap off: .25 gallon
One toilet flush: 3 gallons
Other kitchen water usage (Including drinking, cooking, etc.): 7 gallons
Washing machine, one load: 40 gallons
Basic Dishwasher, one load:


High-efficiency Dishwasher, one load:

10 gallons


4 gallons

Car Washing with a bucket: 3 gallons
Outdoor Hose/Sprinkler: 140 gallons/hour


Do these numbers seem shocking to you? Though they may seem high, think of the amount of people who complete these water-using tasks each day. Now, that’s a lot of water!

If you’re interested in learning how to save more water in your home, call us at 844-216-9300. We offer a variety of water-saving tools and tips for the home.

Last Updated: October 11, 2023