Electromagnetic Fields

May 04, 2023

An electromagnetic field is created when electricity flows through an object. When the object becomes electrically charged, a physical field is formed around the object, which can have an effect on other charged objects nearby. Because of the prevalence of electronic items in our lives, electromagnetic fields are almost always present. Rather than having a physical representation, however, electromagnetic fields remain unseen to the human eye. As any electrician will tell you, electromagnetic fields are completely normal and nothing to be worried about in most cases. By understanding them, however, we can develop a better understanding of the natural and man-made forces at work in the world that we live in.

Natural Electromagnetic Fields

While this may be one of the first times that you have ever learned anything about electromagnetic fields, there is a chance that you have come into contact, or taken advantage of them without even knowing it. An electromagnetic field will develop when there is a build-up of electrically charged particles in the atmosphere. This is a very common occurrence during a thunderstorm. Another great representation of an electromagnetic field is the compass. The magnetic field created by the earth is what causes a compass to orient itself in the north-south direction.

Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields

There are many man-made sources of electromagnetic fields, due to our ever-increasing dependence on electricity. X-Ray technologies, for example, take advantage of electromagnetic fields to create images of our bodies. In addition to technologies such as this, all of our electronic items also create and utilize electromagnetic fields. Because an electromagnetic field is created any time there is a build-up of electronically charged particles, they are very common in our homes and offices. Yes!, the electrician Las Vegas and Salt Lake City homeowners and businesses trust, will tell you, however, this is nothing to be alarmed by.

Health Concerns

Although there has not been any research indicating serious dangers due to exposure to electromagnetic fields, there are many that are concerned about our increased exposure to them. Although we may not be exposed to the strong fields that technicians from Yes!  might be exposed to, we are exposed to much more than ever before. With technologies such as cell phones, wifi, computers, televisions and tablets, EMFs are nearly ever-present in our lives. Rather than immediately turning off as many electronics as you can, throwing away your cell phone and worrying about the issue, however, you should wait for any conclusive evidence to come forward. The majority of research linking health issues and electromagnetic fields is largely based on conjecture. That being said, you should always do everything that you can to ensure that the electricity that you are exposed to is safe and clean.

There are a few things that you can do to help maintain the safety of your electricity, and thus limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields. Start by calling Yes!, your licensed Las Vegas and Salt Lake city electrician, to have them conduct an electrical safety assessment. They can then make additions to your home such as whole house surge protectorselectrical rewiring and panel upgrades that can help ensure that the electricity in your home maintains a safe and constant level. This will not only protect you, but also all of your electronics and appliances.

Understanding EMFs can help you to have a more thorough knowledge and respect for not only the electricity that we use everyday, but the technicians that work with it. While at normal levels, an EMF is normal and harmless, high levels of electricity can create larger electromagnetic fields that may be less safe for those working near them. Rest assured, however, that Yes!’s competent and reliable electricians in Las Vegas, NV and Salt Lake City, UT, are highly trained in working safely in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Speak to an expert today.

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Last Updated: October 11, 2023