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We remain open and ready to serve you 24/7. Click here for our COVID-19 protocols.

Four Reasons You Need an Efficient Attic System

Dreading the summer heat? Get a jump start on keeping your house cool this season by installing a proper attic insulation and ventilation system. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Whether it’s the blazing hot summer, freezing cold winter or everything in between, here are four reasons an efficient attic system will keep you comfortable and happy inside your home.

  1. Reduce Energy Cost

Insulation in an attic works to block the sun and heat from entering through your roof, and properly installed ventilation keeps wanted air in and unwanted moisture out. Without these proper systems in the attic, the HVAC in your home is forced to work harder and drives up the energy costs. You can save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills.

  1. Keep a Consistent Temperature

With proper attic insulation, you will prevent air leakage from the attic and varying temperatures from room to room. An efficient attic system will keep your home at a consistent and comfortable temperature without having to constantly adjust the thermostat.

  1. Decrease HVAC Use

In the summer, warmer air from the attic naturally flows towards the cooler air in your home, and vis versa in the winter. Your HVAC system is constantly at work combating this flow of air. Proper insulation in your attic will give your HVAC system a break and increase its lifespan.

  1. Maintain a Quieter Home

Because proper insulation and ventilation reduces the load on your AC system, many people have reported a quieter home. Don’t let your loud, overworked AC system interrupt your peace and quiet.

At Yes! Air Conditioning and Heating, our Efficient Attic Systems® experts have the knowledge and tools to help you and your family stay comfortable in your home and avoid the heat this summer! For more information or to contact a quality expert in Las Vegas, give us a call at 702-382-2478 or visit at www.theyesmancan.com.


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