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Handwashing vs. the Dishwasher. Which Should you Choose?

Washing dishes is by far the chore that households hate the most. It’s time-consuming and can take a hit on your water and utility bill. This leaves many homeowners to decide whether saving money is worth spending extra time at the sink washing by hand. Does taking the shortcut of washing dishes by hand really save as much money as people think? Studies show that contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t. You can actually save time and money letting the dishwasher handle the messy work.

Why is a dishwasher recommended over handwashing?

Water Usage: Believe it or not, handwashing dishes uses more water than your dishwasher. On average, it takes 25-30 gallons of water to wash a full load of dishes in the sink. A dishwasher, especially a newer model, cuts that water usage down by nearly ¾. Even if your household uses an older model, that still cuts the water usage down by about ½. Energy Star-certified dishwashers can also save you about 5,000 gallons of water per year ultimately resulting in a cheaper water bill.

Energy Efficient: A fun fact about using the dishwasher is that it saves you energy. Shocking, isn’t it? In order to clean and sanitize a load of dishes in the sink you need hot water. When handwashing, it can take time before hot water starts flowing since the sink requires time for the heater to warm up running water. That’s a waste of energy and water! Nowadays, most dishwashers have heaters built into them. Give your water heater a break and utilize the dishwasher!

The verdict: Using your dishwasher will save you money and time!

You can rest easy knowing that you can take the easy way out when washing dishes, while saving money and energy! For more information on energy efficiency, contact us at 702-382-2478 to learn more or visit us online at https://www.theyesmancan.com/.



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