How Do You Reset a Furnace? The Ultimate Guide

May 04, 2023

Steps to Reset Your Furnace

Most furnaces that are less than 30 years old can be easily reset by turning the furnace off and back on. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Find the switch mounted on or near the furnace and turn the power off. If you can’t find a switch at the furnace you can turn off the circuit breaker to the furnace at the main circuit breaker box.

  • Wait about 10 seconds.

  • Turn the switch or breaker back on and check the furnace to see that it has power again.

Steps to Reset Your Older Furnace

Resetting a modern furnace is a fairly simple process. But homes that are more than 30 years old may have an older furnace that requires a slightly different process to reset. So how do you reset a furnace when you have an older model? Check out the guide below for all of the steps:

1. Check the Pilot Light

Homes that are more than 30 years old may have an older furnace that requires a different process to reset. So how do you reset a furnace when you have an older model? First, you’ll need to start the process by making sure the pilot light is off. If the pilot light is on, it means there’s no need to reset the furnace—there must be something else causing the problem. If the pilot light is off, it means you should keep going with the furnace reset.

2. Lower the Thermostat

Now it’s time to turn down the thermostat to the lowest degree. This is just a safety measure to protect you in case the furnace suddenly turns back on in the middle of the reset. Turning the thermostat to the lowest temperature will mean you’re less likely to get blasted with very hot air in the very small chance that something went wrong.

3. Light the Furnace Pilot Light

When you’re certain that the power and thermostat are powered down, you can proceed by relighting the furnace’s pilot light. To do so, light a match or hold a lighter up to the small opening right inside the furnace. Once the flame catches, you can blow out the match and move on to the final step.

4. Set the Thermostat

Now your furnace is reset, but you don’t want to walk away just yet. Remember that at this point your thermostat is still turned all the way down, so you’ll need to set the thermostat to the desired temperature again to complete the process.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to reset the furnace safely and properly. But what about when the pilot light is on? In this case, you may have other furnace problems on your hands.

Common Furnace Problems

Common furnace problems include uneven heating, unheated air coming out of the vents, or no air coming out of the vents. Many people also have problems with furnaces being noisy or emitting a musty smell.

And now that you know the answer to the question, “How do you reset the furnace?” you may be wondering, “When do you reset the furnace?” Certain situations may call for a furnace reset, but other problems may require a different fix, or the help of an HVAC professional.

Check out our list below to learn about some common furnace problems and what you should do about them.

1. No Heat Coming Out

If your furnace doesn’t have any air coming out at all and the pilot light is out, it’s worth it to try resetting the furnace. If this doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the thermostat setting, the power, or the gas line.

2. Not Enough Heat Coming Out

Do you have a furnace that has some heating coming out, but not enough? In this case, it’s likely that you might have a clogged filter. You might also simply have a furnace that isn’t big enough for the space.

3. Blower Running Constantly

Having the blower run constantly isn’t just inefficient—it can also signal a problem with the limit switch. If this is the problem, you’ll need to have a professional come out to replace it.

4. Furnace Is Noisy

Are you hearing rattling, rumbling, or squeaking coming from your furnace? Don’t brush it off as a minor annoyance—a normally functioning furnace shouldn’t be so noisy. Your furnace may have a mechanical issue or a clogged burner.

5. Smell Coming from the Furnace

If there’s a musty or odd smell coming from your furnace when it’s on, it might be time to change your filter. You can replace the filter yourself, but it’s smart to have a professional check it out to make sure there isn’t something else causing the issue.

6. Airflow Issues

Maybe your furnace is pushing out plenty of heat, but it’s distributing unevenly throughout the house. This could be due to normal wear and tear on the furnace, and it might be time to get a new heating system.

Why Maintain Your Furnace?

Maintaining your furnace is an essential part of keeping your home well heated and your family safe. Here are 5 reasons to make furnace maintenance part of your routine as a homeowner:

1. Preserve Indoor Air Quality

If your furnace has a dirty filter, you’ll be breathing the dirty air that circulates around your house. Replace filters and check for other issues to keep the air in your home clean, and to preserve your health.

2. Keep Your Family Safe

Furnaces run on fossil fuel and can release dangerous gasses into your home if they’re not functioning properly. Avoid disaster by having your furnace checked at least once a year.

3. Effectively Heat the House

No one wants to live in a chilly, drafty house when winter hits. Make sure you’re ready for cold weather by making sure your furnace is effectively heating the whole house.

4. Save Money on Energy Bills

Yes, furnace maintenance is an expense, but you’ll save money over time by having a more efficient furnace that properly heats the house. Your furnace will also last longer if you replace parts as the need arises.

5. Uphold Your Warranty

Most furnaces warranties require you to keep up on annual maintenance. If you don’t, the warranty will be void and you’ll lose out on a lot of money if something breaks. Check the details of your warranty and make sure you’re upholding the terms.

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Last Updated: May 18, 2023