How Long Will My Standby Generator Last?

May 04, 2023

It is one thing to purchase and install a generator and another thing for the generator to serve as it should. Generators can run indefinitely as long as there is fuel and they are properly maintained.

However, when it comes to lifespan, so many factors affect how long a standby generator should last. Typically, it costs about $7,000 – $15,000, plus installation and maintenance costs.

A standby generator should last for about 3,000 hours. If you break it down to say, 100 hours in a year, then you have 30 years, and 60 hours in a year gives you around 50 years.

However, several factors could affect the lifespan of a standby generator. We will look at a few of them:

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of a Standby Generator

Standby Generator Type

There are different types of standby generators. The type that you end up purchasing may affect how long it lasts. A stationary/permanent standby generator is much more reliable, efficient, and powerful.

They can properly power your house and will last for a long time compared to the portable generator. The portable generator, of course, has its own benefits, but they do not have as long a lifespan as the stationary generator.

Depending on its quality, a portable generator will last around 1,000 to 2,000 hours, which means that 100 hours in a year is 10-20 years.


Different manufacturers exist, all with distinct qualities. Some brands are known for their high quality, reliable operation, and workmanship, and others are known for their questionable quality and low-price points.

If you want your standby generator to last, then simply get one that is of high quality. For this, you will need to do a lot of research, but it will be worth it.

Installation Location

The lifespan of your generator can diminish if it is not stored or installed at a proper location. Unfavorable weather conditions like snow, rain, and even excessive heat could be bad for your generator. Dust and moisture may also affect it, so it is important that wherever your generator is installed is ideal.

The best place to store or install your standby generator is in a cool and dry area. Choose a shady spot, away from wind, rain, scorching sun, and snow. Buying a generator enclosure is a good idea if you have a portable generator.


The capacity at which your generator is run is also an important deciding factor. Running your generator at a capacity higher than it can carry will cause the engine to wear out quickly.

Maintenance and Repair

Just like your car, you will need to maintain your generator so that it can last and work in optimal conditions. A good way to do this is to create a regular maintenance schedule.

Endeavor that you run the generator for about fifteen minutes every week so that the lubricating oil can heat and circulate. Also, monitor coolant and oil levels regularly.

Twice every year, let a professional technician carry out a more professional inspection and maintenance. Ensure that all generator repairs are done by only experienced and licensed technicians.

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Last Updated: May 17, 2023