How Reliable Are Generac Generators?

May 04, 2023

Generac generators are one of the most reliable generators in the United States and the brand itself is top-tier. All of its generators come with impressive build quality.

One of the best things about Generac is that it considers itself a power solutions supplier. This makes their approach different as they are deliberate about addressing every element of the reliability of the on-site power production ability. Here’s everything that makes Generac a reliable brand:


To remain reliable and healthy, every generator must undergo regular maintenance. Everything from the generator fluids to the belts, hoses, batteries, and all else must be carefully taken care of regularly. This regular attention to maintenance gives the generator a lifespan of 3,000 hours.

Some generators even have controls that let the generator owner know when the generator is due for maintenance. You will hardly find this feature elsewhere.

Be sure to hire an electrician, like us, to handle regular maintenance or else you may not get optimal results from your generator.

Power System

The Modular Power System of Generac is a paralleled, integrated, UL power solution. It uses an integrated digital controller with a paralleling switch in the generator set connection box.

With this approach, Generac achieves the results of the single-engine solution (simplicity) while still maintaining results of the parallel generation (scalability, serviceability, and scalability).

Generac engine

Generac is in charge of constructing the engines for its generators; they are custom OHVI. As a result, the generators have a longer lifespan and you can expect to get the commensurate value for your money in terms of result and time. It is, indeed, a wise investment if you intend to use a generator for a very long time, whether for domestic or commercial purposes.


Typically, it may take around ten years for a generator tank to get empty — this means regular fuel maintenance. When this maintenance is not taken seriously, the generator becomes unreliable. It also becomes unreliable when you run out of diesel in emergencies.

To combat this, Generac has an alternative to diesel use. There is the Bi-Fuel technology that minimizes how much on-site fuel should be maintained in the tank; it uses 75% natural gas and 25% fuel while also being able to fall back on 100% diesel during unlikely situations like gas service interruption or concurrent electricity.

When you decide to purchase a Generac generator, you will need an electrician to handle your generator installation. You will also need a licensed electrician to handle your maintenance. 

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Last Updated: May 29, 2023