How to: Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

May 16, 2023

The holiday season is here! With the holidays come parties, houseguests, festivities and more. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t forget to prep your home for the extra traffic coming through your home.

Keep these simple safety tips in mind in order to prep your home before hosting a holiday party or overnight guests during this season:

  • Be Aware of Anything Other Than Chestnuts Burning on an Open Fire: During this time of year, homes are adorned with holiday lights, candles and trees. Fireplaces are burning and kitchens are busy with holiday meal prep. Take time to inspect your furnace and chimney. If you decorate a Christmas tree with strands of lights, make sure the wiring is not damaged or frayed. It is important to be aware of all the additional fire hazards that these holiday traditions present in your home. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher on hand and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout.
  • Make Your Bathrooms Friendly and Bright: Be sure your guest bathroom is a safe place for older guests and young children who may be visiting your home. Consider placing a bath mat on the floor or non-slip decals inside your shower to help prevent slips or falls. This is also the time to repair that leaky faucet or clogged drain. Make sure your bathroom is ready for expected, and sometimes unexpected, guests!
  • Clean Your Vents, For Goodness Sake: If it has been a while since the last time you cleaned your furnace vents and air filters, do it today! It is recommended to change your air filters at least four times a year. If your vents are dirty, now is the time to clean them up and install new air filters before inviting a crowd into your home, allowing the air you breathe to be cleaner and healthier for all.

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Last Updated: October 11, 2023