Ten Immediate Plumbing Repairs

April 26, 2023

Ten Immediate Plumbing Repairs

Your home cannot function without plumbing. After all, how would your home system remain safe and operational without hot water and a proper sanitation system? Some issues are considered the ten immediate plumbing repairs.

1. Main Water Shut Off – Every house has a main water value to shut off the water supply. If something is wrong with that value, you must call a local professional immediately. Professional plumbers have a special key that closes the exterior water valve.

2. No Hot Water – The hot water heater heats the water for showering and cleaning. Equipment malfunctions or adjustment issues can cause the heater to break or work ineffectively. Continuous problems with heat, might be due to an inadequately-sized water heater. Your plumber can recommend a suitable make and model based on the calculated needs of your household.

3. Leaky Water Heaters – If your hot water supply is adequate but water is puddling under the heater, it is leaking. It needs to be inspected, then repaired or replacement. When replacing your hot water heater, you should hire a plumber. After installing your new equipment, the professional can dispose of the old.

4. Clogged Drains – Blocked pipes quickly escalate. The offensive odors will fill your space until the blockage is freed; this is unhealthy with sewage. Kitchen and bathroom sink blockages are inconvenient, but not necessarily risky. Although drain products are available, man plugged drains need to be snaked by a professional.

5. Leaking Toilet – A deteriorated gasket around the base of your toilet will cause a leak. Leaks are also caused by the bowl gasket or water lines. Regardless, call a plumber. Installing or repairing a toilet incorrectly is a messy problem.

6. Toilet Running Constantly – The low hum of your running toilet is a constant stream of metered water going into the sewer. Generally, worn internal parts—value, float, chain—are the cause. Usually, it is a simple problem, but it could be a symptom of something more extensive. It is best to shut off the valve, and call your local plumber. DIY projects such as these can quickly become overwhelming.

7. Pipe Leaks – Pipe leaks are problematic. Your pipes are in the walls surrounded by insulation; when water is added, the result is extensive damage. Mold growth, framing deterioration, and drywall damage are a few issues you can expect. Sporadic and constant leaks can both cause extensive damage.

Call your professional plumber immediately if you water stains or smells are detected. Before pipes burst, they leak. Water damage and flooding is expensive.

8. Dripping Faucet – The dance of the repetitive faucet drip is problematic and expensive. This metered water is expensive and wasteful. Easily fixed, usually, with the immediate repair of the fittings. Worn and damaged parts can be replaced with a quick call to your local plumber.

9. Faucet Installation – Redecorate by upgrading your plumbing fixtures. A kitchen faucet with a sprayer attachment adds form and function to today’s home. In the bathroom, updating the shower heads and faucets changes the feel of the space. The installation of a new faucet might require an experienced plumber.

10. Garbage Disposal Issues – Garbage disposals are directly connected to plumbing; they require water and drainage. When it is not working, call a plumber. The malfunctioning disposal components are complicated and dangerous. The equipment needs to be serviced professionally for wiring and plumbing. Plumbers can help with a range of repairs and installations.

The expertise of a licensed, experienced plumber can help with any of the ten immediate plumbing repairs. Yes! is a highly qualified, licensed plumbing professional in the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas areas, so contact us today at 844-216-9300.

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