Updating Electrical and Plumbing at the Same Time

April 26, 2023

Old homes can be a joy to live in. They give you a feel of history, build lasting memories, and much more. The downside is, the electrical and plumbing components of an older home might be worn out from years of use. This means you will have to consider an electrical and plumbing upgrade. Carrying out both projects simultaneously might be the toughest thing you ever did, but with the right company, it can also be smooth and easy.

A typical electrical upgrade may involve all or any of the following:

  • A new meter
    A new meter is required if the current meter you have is below 200 amps. It will be unable to provide sufficient power, hence the upgrade.

  • A new service from the pole to your home. This is necessary if feed wires are not capable of handling 200 amps.

  • Breaker box
    This is the most common component of an electrical upgrade. Older homes upgrade from a 100 amp breaker to 200 amps suitable for modern homes. 

  • New wiring from the breaker box to all connected devices
    A rewiring project often includes changing tired and worn out wires to durable new ones. These wires can be connected to outlets, switches, and so on.

  • Replacing outlets, switches, and lights
    When an upgrade or rewiring project is carried out, it is advisable to replace outlets, switches, and lights. This is so that they can be upgraded with the new system and work together seamlessly.

A home’s plumbing system always endures great use. Most times, you do not need to live in an older home to make an upgrade or changes to your plumbing system. A typical plumbing upgrade may involve all or any of the following:

Drain, pipes, and supply system
If you live in a home of 60 years or older, you certainly need to upgrade the pipes, drain, and supply system.

  • The drains in older homes are usually made of materials such as lead, copper, concrete, plastic, and tile. Some old drain pipes may function perfectly and should only be replaced if there is a fault. However, the materials used for older drains have drawbacks that make them often susceptible to damage. 

  • Water supply pipes in modern homes are made of copper. Older homes use galvanized steel, which is known to corrode from the inside out.

  • Defective pipes in homes or buildings can be replaced with durable and modern options like copper or PEX.

Completing an electrical and plumbing upgrade at the same time costs much less than doing them independently. There is also less stress and demand as you get to face the structural mess only once. Reach out to us to clarify your options and needs.

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Last Updated: October 11, 2023