Will Your Home Comfort System ‘Step Up to the Plate’ This Season?

March 18, 2024

Swing, batter, batter, swing! Any baseball fans out there? If so, then you know opening day for Major League Baseball is just around the corner. That crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd is the first sign that America’s pastime is headed toward another season. But it’s also a reminder of something else—the arrival of spring! Is your heating and cooling system in as good of shape as your favorite team? Let’s run the bases and see how you score.

Secure a Great Season This Spring

Follow these pre-season tactics and your home will be a winner.

  • Warmups: Just like the pros warm up with stretching and weight training during the off season, you should also practice some “warmups” with your home comfort system. Between winter and spring, always pay attention to your system. Is your temperature consistent? Do you notice hot and cold spots in your home? If something doesn’t feel right, call for an HVAC tune-up.
  • Practice: For teams to work in unison, they need practice. For your HVAC system to work seamlessly, it needs attention, too! Before spring arrives, practice these annual habits: schedule regular HVAC service, replace filters, clean vents, and calibrate your thermostat.
  • Consider a Trade: If your HVAC system didn’t make the cut during winter, you might be considering a trade. Replacing your current system with an energy-efficient update can do wonders for your home comfort. From saving money and energy to experiencing pure comfort 24/7, sometimes a trade results in a home team win!

Let’s Play Ball!

Now that your system is in top shape, we don’t want you striking out this season. Avoid these common mistakes for your cooling system and you’ll be a real all-star.

  1. Strike One -- Dirty AC Coils: To prep for a winning season, don’t forget about cleaning your AC coils. Grime, dirt, and dust can collect on your coils during the off season. Extra dirt may lead to a loss of efficiency and higher than needed energy bills. What? You didn't have a professional clean your AC coils? Strike one!
  2. Strike Two -- Forgetting to Schedule Annual Maintenance: You go to the dentist every six months, right? Well, your HVAC deserves the same type of regular checkup. Don’t forget that HVAC service keeps your system running smoothly and helps lower energy bills. Missed out on this? Strike two!
  3. Strike Three -- Setting the Cooling Temperature Too Low: Once the weather changes and you turn on that AC system, don’t even think about setting it too low. Believe it or not, lowering the temperature setting will not cool your home faster. Instead, it will just make it run harder and waste energy. Place the thermostat at a comfortable setting and let the system work its efficiency magic! Guilty of lowering that temp too much? Strike three and you’re out!

Need a Comfort Coach This Season?

Every team needs a reliable coach who can offer expertise to help players improve their game. If your HVAC system is failing or it simply needs some fine-tuning, the all-star coaches at A.J. Perri are available seven days a week to help boost your comfort. Whether you need HVAC service, drain cleaning service, or hot water heater maintenance our team is always willing to help! Schedule your appointment in Utah or Nevada today!

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Last Updated: June 11, 2024