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An electrical audit refers to the inspection of your workplace or commercial building to determine how much electricity is being used and where it goes. Most electrical audits are aimed at finding ways to save energy and the costs on your business. It can also reveal leaks in the system and electrical parts that need improvements.

Electrical audits can be manually carried out by an owner to know how much energy is being used by appliances and machines. However, this may not be sufficient or accurate.

An electrical audit should be carried out by a professional electrician who is experienced and knowledgeable about energy savings for commercial use.

Benefits of Electrical Audits

Energy savings is vital to both homeowners and commercial users. It saves costs and helps to extend the lifespan of the electrical system. The benefits associated with regular or frequent electrical audits include:

Safety– A thorough audit by an electrical technician helps to promote safety and avoid accidents. The audit would reveal faulty wiring or overloaded circuits that could pose a threat to lives and property.

Compliance checks– Electrical audits are necessary to ensure that all electrical systems are of stipulated standards. The electrician would be able to determine if any improvements or modifications are needed.

Save cost– Energy savings is one of the safest ways to save cost in an organizational setting. A professional electrician will carry out the audit to identify ways to reduce the energy output of your electrical systems. This means less utility.

Comfort and reliability– A perfectly functioning electrical system increases comfort in homes or commercial buildings. An audit will help to identify problems in a timely manner to be repaired and to restore balance. It also checks the reliability of the electrical systems.

Our Energy Audit Process

At Yes! we are professional electricians who can provide you with quality and timely audits. We can present several options for energy savings and help you maximize benefits as a business owner or for commercial use.

The hired electrician will analyze the building’s electrical system and conduct an audit walk-through. The electrician would inspect both the electrical systems and its energy bills.

He will then provide a report on the analysis and suitable recommendations for modifications and other ways to improve the building’s energy-saving needs. You will decide to either use these suggestions or not.

Yes! promises a thorough and effective audit that represents your needs and feasible solutions.

Energy-saving suggestions may include using LED lighting, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, and so on.

Energy Saving and Audit FAQs

Who will implement the suggestions after a thorough and satisfactory audit?

The electrical technicians at Yes! are fully equipped and skilled to implement suitable energy-saving suggestions after an audit. We will double-check the suggestions from an audit not carried out by our electricians and ascertain if they are best for you.

We can repair, replace, modify, and install any electrical parts or appliances to help you save costs and enjoy a reliable electrical system.

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