Commercial Lighting Upgrade in Las Vegas, Nevada & Salt Lake City, Utah

Lights are invaluable to a commercial building. They fulfill several needs and should be maintained or upgraded for continual optimal performance.

Lighting upgrades is a commercial service provided by Yes! It is a process of replacing or repairing parts of a lighting system to save energy and to increase performance.

Lighting upgrades can be made to the interior or exterior of a commercial building. It helps to save energy cost and maximize returns on your investment.

When do you need lighting upgrades?

Lighting upgrades are necessary for the efficiency of your building but it is relevant to know when you need this service provided by our electrical technicians.

  • When you use older light fixtures– Electrical systems or lighting systems can last for an extended period of time but not forever. When they become old or worn out it becomes necessary to upgrade the lighting systems to continue to enjoy the benefits.
    Older light fixtures may also consume more energy because they are out of date and not as efficient as the new fixtures available.
  • When your needs change– Your usual lighting system may work perfectly until your needs change. An upgrade is necessary to modify the lighting system to suit your needs and function effectively.

Why do I need a lighting upgrade?

  • To save energy! A lighting upgrade by a professional electrician will leave you outfitted with energy-saving fixtures that are reliable and functional.
  • To meet up to standard! Electrical code standards change all the time. A licensed electrician is aware of these changes and can help you upgrade your electrical lighting to suit them. Failure to upgrade lighting systems with current electrical code standards can lead to accidents or unwanted circumstances.
  • To enjoy comfort! Comfort is the watchword when it comes to electrical systems. Appropriate lighting offers maximum comfort in a commercial building and enhances everyone’s efficiency. A lighting upgrade is important to promote comfort levels in your building.
  • To enjoy aesthetics! When re-tenanting a commercial building, upgraded lighting can serve as an added advantage. Prospective tenants will be attracted by how beautifully lit the building is and the perks that come with using energy saving lighting options.

More than HIDs to LEDs

Yes!  provides turnkey services on lighting upgrades that go beyond replacing your HID bulbs with energy saving, bright, and efficient LEDs. We ensure that every replacement can accommodate the needs of the building and is safely installed to keep the building electrically safe.

Our lighting upgrade services are carried out by professional electricians who ensure that it is synonymous with your needs and lighting consumption.

We offer our experience, knowledge and recommendations on lighting upgrades for our clients. You can contact us anytime to get specialized lighting upgrade services.


Are lighting upgrades necessary for outdoor uses?

Yes. The lighting system of a building includes both the outdoor and indoors. Our electricians will determine the type of upgrades suitable for your outdoor needs. They are important because they are part of energy costs.

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