Commercial Low Voltage Wiring Las Vegas, Nevada & Salt Lake City, Utah

Low voltage installations are different from the standard electrical wiring installed by professional electricians. They are the electrical foundations used for digital technology and communication equipment function.

In commercial buildings, low voltage wiring can be complex and require the services of an experienced electrician. The complex low voltage wiring consists of network data, WIFI access, audio systems, computer networking systems, and much more.

Uses of low voltage installations

  • Telephones - Telephones are vital components of any commercial building and are used in both multi-phone systems and computer networks. A commercial building will have a large number of telephones that require low voltage wiring.
  • Cable - The use of cable is essential for every commercial building. A lot of businesses require video and audio equipment and a steady subscription to suitable cable programming. Large commercial buildings require the proper installation of low voltage wiring for cable use.
  • Security and surveillance - Commercial structures should be outfitted with security and surveillance to protect lives and property from intruders. These installations require low voltage wiring which will be connected to video cameras, sensors, alarms, and so on.
  • Wifi - Wifi requires low voltage wiring to be set up and functional for commercial buildings.
  • Intercom - Intercoms enhance communication in a commercial structure and are not compulsorily the building’s owner priority. They can be installed when needed but with low voltage wiring.

Why do you need an electrician for low voltage installation?

Some owners believe that they can carry out low voltage installations themselves, with little guidance. This may be possible but not safe in small residential homes. However, commercial buildings are entirely different. The low voltage wiring needs of a commercial building are complex and more dangerous to attempt without proper knowledge. There are several uses for it and each requires expertise.

Improper installation can lead to the destruction or damage of appliances and the wiring.

To avoid regrets and spending more money, contact Yes! for effective low voltage installations.

Our electricians can provide efficient services because they are experienced with low voltage installations for commercial buildings. We ensure that low voltage installations do not cause frictions with the standard electrical installations regardless of their magnitude.
A safe low voltage installation is one that is organized, reliable, and functional.

We have given satisfaction to several clients and efficiency in their commercial buildings.


Do I need a licensed electrician for the low voltage installation?

While this is not prerequisite, it is always important to hire only licensed electricians for all electrical installation needs. Yes! saves you the trouble of searching because all our electrical technicians are licensed, and equipped with knowledge and experience on all electrical needs.

The importance of a licensed electrician is to guarantee your safety no matter the nature of the electrical installation.

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