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New construction refers to the site preparation and construction of new structures or buildings. When constructing a new commercial building, you must ensure that you hire a skilled electrician to provide electrical services all through the project.

Every new property requires a sturdy electrical system which should be installed by a professional electrician that is well-informed about the building’s construction. New construction can be an overwhelming experience but with the right professionals at your side, all plans are bound to go smoothly.

The electrical wiring of your new building involves several components, but installations only begin after some pre-work by the electrical technicians. These mostly include:

  • Designing a wiring diagram that represents the building’s needs
  • The determination of how many outlets and switches will be allowed per circuit
  • Preparing the spots where the wiring will go through

After these and other necessary steps are taken, the main work of installing the electrical system as you build begins.

The main installation process usually takes the following form:

  • Installing the breaker box
  • Installing circuits
  • Installing non-electrical components or low-voltage wiring

Safety tips for a new construction

  • Do not attempt to wire your home yourself if you lack a license and the experience of a professional electrician. Improper wiring of a new building can lead to accidents, fires, and reduced functioning of the electrical system.
  • Hire a professional electrician at Yes! to work with you on your new construction and guarantee a safe installation of the electrical wiring.
  • Hire a licensed electrician to ensure your wiring is reliable, customized to the building’s needs, and up to standard.

Yes! services

All our electricians are professional, qualified, experienced, and easy to work with. We provide quality electrical services that cover all your needs in a new construction.

We are prompt and do not get in the way of your project’s progress or deadline. Yes! is transparent as we work on your new constructions with you. We provide all the options and guide you to make an informed choice.

Our electricians ensure that regardless of being on a budget, you can get suitable electric wiring for your building.

Benefits Of Custom HVAC

Custom HVAC installation in Utah and Nevada offers huge advantages for your level of comfort. You’ll be able to select the size and model of AC you want and make sure that it will be powerful enough to give you the cool air that you need during the warmer months, without being too big or too small (both of which can lead to energy waste) for your home. 

Here are just a few more reasons to love custom HVAC installation.

Smart Home Optimization

With a new construction installation, you get to pick the newest systems and fanciest gadgets. Choosing a smart HVAC interface is a great way to start if you’ve always dreamed of having a smart home. 

Perfect Balance

When you choose custom installation, the ducts of your HVAC system can be strategically placed to give you a balanced, equal delivery of air throughout the house—no more spotty AC upstairs and freezing gusts from the vents downstairs. 

Ultimate Comfort

With a perfectly designed, totally customized HVAC system, your home will literally be made for you. It’ll be cool, crisp, and relaxing inside even when summer temperatures blaze above 100F. During winter, your home will feel warm and inviting, no matter how bad it gets outside.

Yes! provides complete solutions from start to finish of your project. Here are some of our services for new constructions:

  • High voltage installation
  • Low voltage installation
  • Energy saving installation
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Generator and emergency power systems installation
  • Lighting installation
  • Telephone and television systems
  • Home automation
  • Security lighting

Our electrical technicians also provide repairs on damaged or improperly installed wiring for new constructions. Contact us at Yes! for a partnership that gives you confidence and security.


Why should I trust Yes! for my new construction?

Yes! is committed to contributing to the success of your new construction with a flawless and reliable electrical wiring. We offer complete customer experience with consultation and practical installation of the electrical systems. We provide standard services with licensed electricians and a feasible timeline for your project.

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