Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah

The electrical panel of a building is where power is distributed to outlets and switches. Every building has an electrical panel or breaker box where the output of power can be controlled.

Electrical panels that are properly installed can last decades in commercial buildings. They are built to supply the right amount of energy or electricity needed by the building.

Panel upgrades come up after sometime and they are necessary to guarantee that you continue to enjoy good electricity. They are carried out by an equipped and experienced electrician.

How do I know it’s time for an upgrade or repair?

There are signs that tell you if your electrical panel needs an upgrade or repair. Here are a few things you may experience in commercial buildings.

  • Constant flickering lights
  • Regular tripping of circuit-breakers
  • Outlets giving off noticeable heat or burning smells
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Sparking outlets
  • Failing switches

These problems and signs do not occur on their own. They are caused by other factors that directly influence the electrical panels. The causes include:

  • Installing an energy-consuming appliance
  • Burnt connections in the electrical panel or electrical wiring
  • Outdated fuses
  • Double tapped circuits
  • Circuits overloaded with appliances and cords
  • Damaged or loose wiring

Dangers of a faulty or outdated electrical panel

  • It can lead to fires and destruction of appliances.
  • It can damage the electrical system.
  • It reduces performance.
  • Inadequate supply of electricity

Panel upgrades and repairs

When you experience any of these problems, do not hesitate to call a skilled electrician for a solution. The electrician will determine if the panel requires an upgrade or repairs to faulty parts. He will implement these changes to restore proper function and sufficient supply of electricity.

Also, you may not need to experience such electrical issues before calling a professional. It is necessary for the electrical panel to be upgraded prior to the installation of an energy-consuming appliance. The capacity of the panel must be upgraded to accommodate the new installation and prevent damage.

An outdated panel also requires upgrades and repairs. If a building is a few decades old, it is vital to hire an electrical technician to inspect the breaker box and electrical system. The electrician will determine if the panel needs an upgrade to function properly and follow the standard electrical code.

If your electrical panel is undersized or improperly fixed, it will require an upgrade by an informed electrician.

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The breaker trips often, does this mean a faulty panel?

Tripping breakers or circuits do not always mean the electrical panel is faulty or in need of an upgrade. The primary purpose of a breaker is to protect all electrical circuits from damage due to overload or short circuit. When any of these conditions occur, the electrical panel cuts off power supply to the circuits.

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