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Honeywell Generator Installation in Las Vegas Nevada & Salt Lake City, Utah

We know how important it is to keep power running to your house. This is why we are proud partners of Honeywell. Honeywell’s standby power options give you a sense of security when storms or grid failures happen.

As a preferred dealer, we are able to offer you an exact solution and coverage for your situation as well as affordable consumer financing. Our technicians have also gone through training programs that Honeywell has supplied.

Why Install a Honeywell Standby Generator?

No one schedules a power outage. You can expect them any time, any place. When you’re watching the news and seeing reports of devastating storms taking out the power for days, you know you don’t want to be one of those people. Hurricanes and tornadoes are definitely at the top of the newsfeeds when it comes to storms, but almost 60% of weather-related outages are caused by simple thunderstorms.

Installing a Honeywell generator in your home, you can know you will always be protected — even if you’re not home. When an outage occurs, your generator will start up automatically. Once the power is restored, the automatic transfer switch will switch the power back to your utility company. No work needs to be done on your end.

How does a Honeywell Generator Work?

Let’s say a storm takes out your power. Your Honeywell generator will detect that you have lost power and, within seconds, start preparing to send power through to your home.

A moment later, the generator starts generating electricity to power your home. You don’t even need to be around for this to happen.

Finally, with the help of the automatic transfer switch, the generator will send the power through your home and continues to do so until the power has been restored by your utility company.

At that point, the switch will switch back to the power coming from your utility company.

Why Choose Honeywell?

A Honeywell generator will provide your family with backup power that you can use in everyday life. Honeywell provides backup power systems in a variety of sizes that can help power your entire home or just the essential items. Being one of the most trusted and recognized names, you can be sure you are getting comfort and security with your Honeywell generator.

Honeywell Generator Installation Process

As a preferred dealer,Yes! has been trained on how to install Honeywell generators. When you choose us as your Honeywell generator installer, you know we can get the job done correctly.

When it comes to installing a generator, there are usually four steps.

  • Choose a location - Location, location, location — we can help you choose the best location for your generator. An area that is stable and not likely to flood is the best. Allow for room around the generator position so that a tech or maintenance person can access it in the future. If you live in a restricted community, be sure to check with your HOA to see what you are allowed to do.
  • Installing - A concreate slab or pea gravel will be prepared and your generator will be placed on the new foundation.
  • Connecting - A fuel line will be connected and a transfer switch will be installed. This transfer switch will be used to detect when there is power flowing from your utility company to turn off and on the generator.
  • Testing - Next, we will simulate an outage situation to make sure everything is working correctly.

How Much Power Do I Need?

In order to determine how much power your home will need can depend on a variety of different things. When thinking about power, take into consideration the size of your home, how much power you are currently consuming, and what all you would like to backup in the event of an outage.

The best way to know what you need is to get a quote from one of our expert electricians. We can help to answer all of your questions and give you pricing options for your specific situation. Call 844-216-9300 to schedule your installation today.