Home Electrical Safety Inspection in Las Vegas, Nevada & Salt Lake City, Utah

We believe that safety should always come first. We have a special Home Safety Inspection which we use to evaluate the electrical system of any home for quality and reliability. Our inspection covers potential electrical safety issues found in a typical home’s electrical system.

Some of the areas of inspection include proper electrical system grounding, conduit and wire integrity, GFCI protection, and main electrical panel functionality. It is highly recommended to have your home’s electrical system inspected on an annual basis. Of all of your home’s major systems, your electrical system can cause the most amount of damage and grief when it goes wrong.

Schedule your next electrical safety inspection in Utah or Nevada today to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. If you have questions about home and electrical safety, call our expert team at 844-216-9300 and we will happily answer your questions. 

Home Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

What is a periodic test?

A periodic test is a routine test that checks the safety of your electrical system.

What is meant by electrical testing?

There are four basic electrical tests – high voltage, insulation resistance, earth continuity, leakage current or line leakage.

What is EICR?

EICR, Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a formal document that an inspector writes up after the electrical installation of a property.