Dimmer Installation in Las Vegas, NV & Salt Lake City, UT

There are many different types of lighting and lighting switch options to choose from. Installing a dimmer can dramatically enhance the atmosphere and set the mood in a room. If you want to install a dimmer, or replace or move a light switch it’s best to hire a licensed electrician. Attempting the protect yourself is not worth the risk of electrocution, damage to the home’s electrical system, or even fire.

Yes! electricians can install both standard single-pole dimmers and three-way dimmers; they will safely cut the power to the switch at your circuit breaker, recommend appropriate light bulbs, and handle all of the wiring configurations.

Recessed lighting, for example, is a popular, modern alternative to traditional lighting options and is great for rooms with low ceilings and minimal design. A recessed light is composed of three parts: the housing, the trim, and the bulb. Hiring a professional electrician to install recessed lighting will help you save time and money, and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Yes! licensed electricians check the local building code requirements before beginning the installation. They then wire the lights into the ceiling and move around any heating ducts, joists, or wires that may way. If necessary, they will install new wiring.

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