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Costly Water Guzzlers Around Your Home

Have you ever wondered how much water you're using around the home on common tasks, such as washing dishes or taking a shower? While clean…

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Air Quality Advisory in Clark County

As the temperature increases, and the climate continues to be dry, fires are common in Las Vegas and our surrounding states. Nevada's ongoing drought and…

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Lake Mead

Most people visiting Las Vegas would be surprised to know that the water they drink and use comes from Lake Mead. Lake Mead sits approximately…

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Heat Loading In Your Home

With temperatures escalating into the triple digits, you may feel that certain parts of your house feel hotter or cooler than others, and ask yourself,…

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How to: Fix Emergency Plumbing Problems

When a plumbing problem occurs late at night or after hours, it's tempting to call for emergency repairs. While it may be the solution to…

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Yes! Celebrates Smart Irrigation Month

During the hot days of July, being mindful of your irrigation is crucial for the water usage of your home. Being smart about irrigation will…

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Record Breaking Temperatures in Las Vegas this Summer

This summer has already proven to be a hot one. Temperatures have reached record-breaking highs, making it the hottest June in Las Vegas history¬†1. For…

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