90% of HVAC Systems Are Installed Incorrectly!

May 04, 2023

90% of HVAC Systems Are Installed Incorrectly!

Looking to install a new air conditioner or furnace? Make sure the contractor knows what they are doing. According to consumer groups and HVAC industry consultants, 90% of air conditioners and furnaces are improperly sized and installed.

Bigger is not better in the HVAC world, in fact it is worse. The equipment either starts and stops to often or freezes when it is to big for the space it is trying to heat and cool. With either scenario, the life of your equipment is greatly compromised when it is to big. Motors burn out and the electronics fry.

Air flow is key in living in a comfortable indoor environment. Very rarely does a builder put in enough return air vents to support the system they install, especially with new construction. If there is not enough air being pulled into the unit, how can you expect enough conditioned air to come out? The bigger the system, the bigger the ducts need to be, the more returns you need. If your unit is in a mechanical room, how much air can it pull in from its organic environment (combustion air). More times than not another source of air needs to be drawn into your unit if it is closed away in a small mechanical room or closet.

Yes! always takes all of these factors into consideration when designing new equipment for a home. Yes! always starts with a engineering analysis of your home to determine the optimum size of equipment. We check air supply and return vents and duct work. And our work is ALWAYS double check by the local city or county mechanical inspectors.

If your system doesn’t heat or cool correctly, it might be due to improper installation. Our experienced technicians can uncover the cause the issue quickly and thoroughly. Call us today at 844-216-9300.


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