Is Your Home Electrically Safe? Get an Electrical Safety Inspection

May 04, 2023

Periodic electrical safety assessments are a good idea for your Las Vegas or Salt Lake City area home. Often, the internal wiring, what is behind the walls, does not get the proper maintenance attention through the years. If there isn’t a problem that directly affects electrical functioning within the home, most homeowners don’t really think about their residential electrical wiring. However, as any electrician can tell you, this is a mistake. Electrical wires age, and even behind walls, wires can be damaged in a variety of different ways. Yes! electrical safety assessments can let you know if your walls are hiding potentially dangerous wiring.

Don’t The Walls Protect The Wiring?

While walls do offer a certain degree of protection to electrical wires, the fact is that they cannot protect the wires against the effects of time. In addition, your walls are not impermeable. Your residence can fall prey to invasion by typical home pests, such as rodents of various types that can do severe and dangerous damage to the wires inside of the walls. Most Las Vegas and Salt Lake City area electrician specialists have seen such behind the walls dangers first hand, which is why many consider periodic residential electrical safety assessments to be a smart addition to standard home maintenance routines.

Mice, rats, or squirrels moving through the walls may be out of your sight and out of your reach, but your electrical wiring is not out of their reach. Whether nesting in your walls or just using them as a convenient passageway, rodents can cause physical damage to wiring that can result in sparking inside of the walls, which can lead to a fire. You can do a search for electrician in Las Vegas, NV or Salt Lake City UT, and you’ll find Yes!. This electrical contracting company is highly professional, specializing in affordable residential home rewiring, and they can help ensure the overall safety of your home if an inspection of the electrical system reveals a problem.

If You’re Happy, We’re Happy

At Yes!, we place a high priority on customer service. Our website is designed to be easy to use and helpful, featuring some common electrical problems and an assortment of practical tips and solutions. Electrical estimates are free over the telephone, and are based on your description of symptoms and problems. If, after the situation is assessed in person by one of our licensed, bonded, insured professionals, there needs to be a change in the estimate, you’ll have a detailed explanation. Work will not begin without your approval, and we guarantee the quality of that work with a lifetime warranty. A fully licensed electrician, the Yes! team is committed to your safety and satisfaction.

Yes!, a local and dependable Las Vegas and Salt Lake City area electrician, offers a complete menu of residential electrical services, ranging from the traditional electrical service call to custom lighting installation to electrical rewiring to most electrical upgrade projects. We even handle electric vehicle charger installs. They are committed to meeting the residential electrical needs of our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible and welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in the planning of custom electrical projects.

The Right Choice for Your Electrical Projects

Decades of solid residential and commercial electrical experience and an expert staff make Yes! the right choice for all of your home electrical needs, including repair, remodeling, new construction, custom projects, and routine maintenance, such as electrical safety assessments. Their honest and direct pricing makes it easy to budget for your projects. You can count on their professional service and expect their electrician service team to arrive promptly for scheduled appointments.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2023