How to Find a Good Plumber in Utah

May 04, 2023

Making a rash decision about your plumber could lead to costly repairs and more trouble than it’s worth. Learn how to find a plumber in Utah and what red flags you should avoid as you shop around. 

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Plumber? 

Hiring a good plumber can make a major difference in the quality and professionality of their work. If you want to learn how to find a good plumber, here are five key aspects you should keep your eye out for. 

1. Price Range

Learning how to find a good plumber starts with making sure they fit your budget. Even in an emergency when you need a plumber right away, a good plumber can provide an estimate for how much it will cost you. 

Estimates can serve as a good starting point for the budget of the project, but it’s important to remember that they are only an estimate. If additional issues arise while the plumber is fixing the main issue, the price may be higher than the initial estimate. 

2. Online Reputation and Customer Reviews

The best way to find a good plumber is to hear from their previous customers. Thanks to the plumber’s personal website, as well as third-party review sites, you can get an idea of what to expect from their service. 

While online reviews can be extremely helpful, remember to treat reviews with a healthy amount of skepticism. Rather than trusting a single review to tell you everything about the plumber, read multiple reviews. This will give you a more realistic view of the plumber. 

3. Portfolio of Previous Work

Good plumbers are proud to show off their best work. Inspecting a plumber’s portfolio can give you a good idea of what to expect from your work. A common mistake some people make is being unsatisfied with a plumber’s portfolio and then expecting it to be different when the plumber comes to your home. 

4. State License

Plumbers are a closely regulated field. Utah requires plumbing licensing that includes requirements and exams. A plumber with state licensure is a good starting point to ensure they know how to do their job. 

5. Specializations

Residential plumbing is fairly universal, but some plumbers have specialties within residential plumbing. Finding a specialist that shares a specialty with your plumbing needs is an excellent way to find a good plumber. 

What Are Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber? 

When you’re shopping around for a good plumber, it’s important to know not just the good things you should keep an eye out for but also the red flags that are signs of a bad plumber. Here are seven red flags that should make you automatically question the plumber you’re working with. 

1. No Customer Reviews

It’s natural for new plumbers not to have many reviews, but it should be a giant red flag if an established plumber has no online customer reviews. Generally, an experienced plumber that has no customer reviews is a sign that they are trying to cover up their history and make it so that customers can’t share their experience with others. 

2. No License or Insurance

If your plumber doesn’t openly share that they are licensed and insured, ask them directly about it. If they say they are not licensed or insured, or they try to avoid the question, you are not dealing with a good plumber. An uninsured plumber can lead to a host of legal problems and is not worth the potential risk. 

3. They Don’t Have the Right Tools for the Job

A good plumber has the tools they need to perform common maintenance and installation jobs. Their tools also say a lot about their professionalism and attention to detail that will be reflected in their work. Good plumbers know that clean, professional tools help make the work go faster. 

4. Blind Estimates

A good plumber can’t give you a realistic estimate without first seeing what they are working on. While it is common to get quick over-the-phone estimates, they will be very broad and highly inaccurate because they don’t speak to your unique needs. Plumbers who only deal with blind estimates and refuse to come to your home for an in-person estimate should be avoided. Good plumbers don’t want to be caught off guard with inaccurate estimates. 

5. Extra Workers

For most residential jobs, there is no need for a team of plumbers to perform the job. More often than not, extra workers will only increase the price of the plumber without actually providing any meaningful assistance.

6. Oddly Low Costs

Bad plumbers will use low-quality materials and rush through the job to provide extremely low estimates. Consumers that don’t shop around or do their research only see the final price tag and go with them to save some money, but are faced with low-quality work and even lower-quality materials.

To avoid this, do your research and see what other plumbers estimate for the same job. If you want to take it one step further, research online about the cost of materials. Professional plumbers can get minor discounts when buying materials, but it should be a red flag if you want them to install a high-quality fixture, but they quote the price as significantly lower than market value. 

7. Unprofessional Behavior

Good plumbers know that their business is more than just plumbing, but also how they interact and deal with their customers. If a plumber is pushy, rude, or talks down to you when you have questions, it’s time to find a better plumber. Additionally, how they dress and act at your home while working says a lot about their quality of work. 

What Do Most Plumbers Charge Per Hour? 

The cost per hour a plumber can charge depends on the job they are doing, the experience they have, the materials they are working with, and your location. The more specialized the job is, or the more experience, training, and knowledge a plumber has, the higher the cost will typically be. 

While other plumbers may charge per hour, Yes! offers upfront and straightforward (flat-rate) pricing. The benefit of flat-rate pricing is that the cost will remain the same even if it takes longer than expected to complete the job. That way, customers do not need to worry about watching the clock as their repair is being completed.

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