How to Tell if You Have a Broken Water Pipe

May 16, 2023

When to Call for Professional Water Pipe Repair in Las Vegas, NV

If you have a broken, cracked, or leaking water line anywhere on your property, the collateral damage will become more serious by the day or even by the hour. In addition to immediate attention and a watertight repair for the pipe itself, the water will quickly spread to wreak expensive havoc in your yard, home foundation, walls, ceiling, floors, and personal belongings like wood or upholstered furniture.

These circumstances are our specialty here at Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing. It’s the reason we offer 24/7 emergency services at no extra charge because we don’t think you should have to pay extra based on the time of day your pipe starts to leak. After all, in many cases, a broken water pipe isn’t the homeowner’s fault, so why pay more to repair an already-inconvenient problem?

Watching out for signs of a broken water pipe

Sometimes, a burst pipe is obvious right away—gushing or dripping water pooling outside or seeping through the walls of your house is a sure sign to call emergency backup. But if the leak is small, the pipe is buried outside, or it’s located in an out-of-the-way spot behind the walls or under the floor, you may not immediately see water spreading around your home. So even if you can’t see water marks, there are a few things to look for on a regular basis around your house.

Check your utility bills

First, pay attention to your monthly water bill to see if it changes significantly within one month. Assuming you haven’t had water-loving guests or started watering a new lawn, a spike in water usage could actually be caused by water wastage leaking away.

Notice your indoor water quality

When you run the taps in different parts of your home, notice any prolonged changes in water pressure. Low pressure could be caused by water loss as it travels through a broken pipe. The pressure may be OK in the bedroom but low in the kitchen if the pipe leading to the kitchen sink is damaged.

Also stay on the lookout for unusual odors or color. Water tainted by rust will be slightly brown and serve as a warning sign that a pipe is rusty and close to breaking. The same is true of odors, because a leak will put a strain on your system as it tries and fails to channel dirty water and sewage out of your house.

Any of these signs indicate you’ll need the plumbing repair services of a professional team. Based on the location of the low pressure, visible water marks, or discolored water, you may be able to narrow down which pipes are damaged, but you shouldn’t try to repair them alone. Contact Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing 24/7 for fixes that last.

Why water pipes break and leak

If you discover your home has a broken water pipe somewhere inside or leading out to the water main outdoors, don’t blame yourself. There are plenty of reasons a pipe might fail, and many them aren’t even related to your daily wear and tear at home. For example, poor installation during construction or renovation might cause an early failure. The expensive problems this creates are just another reason we always recommend professional installations over DIY projects.

Sometimes, extreme temperatures can cause pipes to expand and then contract over and over, to the point that a joint somewhere along the line breaks its seal. In the steamy desert of Las Vegas, homes undergo these kinds of unavoidable temperature changes every year.

A blocked pipe can also cause problems if pressure and backed-up standing water find an escape through a cracked pipe wall. If these problems are fixed early on, the repairs required are usually more minor, such as a single new pipe joint and seal, so being educated and watchful for the common signs of a broken water pipe can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a repair.

Preventing a broken water pipe before it happens

You don’t have to wait until there’s a problem to call us for 24/7 emergency repairs. Preventative maintenance is the best way responsible homeowners can stay ahead of both regular wear and tear and developing issues.

Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing can come out to your home around Las Vegas for a more convenient, routine scheduled service a few times a year to inspect your home’s overall plumbing. We offer inspections for water Leak Detection and Plumbing Maintenance to prevent or catch issues right away. Plus, we can even combine our HVAC services, like Air Conditioning & Heating maintenance, into a single visit for one-stop care with exceptional customer service.

Stop the leak; call Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing now!


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