A Quick Guide to Performing Do It Yourself Furnace Repair in Utah

April 26, 2023

A Quick Guide to Performing Do It Yourself Furnace Repair in Utah

Winter is one harsh season. This fact can be felt in Utah’s largest city, Salt Lake City, with temperatures there fluctuating to below-zero levels. Such extreme temperatures require Salt Lake residents to extensively use their furnace and heating systems.

Frequent furnace usage during the harsh winter months eventually brings wear and tear, and will require the help of Utah furnace repair experts. 

Here are some of the things that one can do to maintain a gas furnace before calling in professional help:

Pilot light

The pilot light is the ignition source of many gas furnaces. It must be ensured that the pilot light is always on, or the furnace will not run. Make sure that the pilot opening is also clean, and that the settings will make sure that the pilot light will stay lit.

If your pilot light has gone out, gas will not feed into the burner, even though all other systems in the furnace are functioning properly. If so, all you will need to do is re-light it. First, find the gas cock and turn it to the “Off” position. Then, while you are turning it to the “Pilot” position, depress the Pilot Reset Button. 


A faulty blower can cause different problems, such as insufficient heat and a noisy furnace. Make sure that the blower is lubricated, unclogged, and fitted properly with its belts.

Turn off electrical power, and then remove the access panel cover. Locate oil ports and apply a few drops of oil into each one. Next, align blower pulleys. Loosen the mounting bolts and align the pulleys by adjusting the position of the motor. Finally, tighten the bolts, and restore electric power.


The burner is the component that will provide the heat necessary to the home. It must be ensured that the mixture is well proportioned and the burner is clean, or the furnace will take more energy when warming up the house.

First, loosen the locking screw of the air shutter. Adjust the shutter by opening and then closing it and observing the flame color as you do. You’ll notice a change of color in the flame. When the flame color is right, tighten the screw to lock the shutter.

Keeping track of these parts will help the furnace function properly; remember, however, that there are issues that cannot be resolved by DIY work. Advanced problems should be consulted with an expert furnace repair company, like Yes! who are experienced and equipped to solve a myriad of furnace problems.


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