Surviving a House Rewire

April 26, 2023

Homeowners have often described house rewiring projects as ‘horrible, awful, but perfectly do-able’. If you are wondering how to survive the invasive project that is a house rewire, see these tips below.

  1. Choose the right electrician
    This cannot be emphasized enough. The electrician you choose can go a long way to determining just how painless the rewiring project can be. For starters, an experienced and honest electrician will inform you if you truly need a house rewire.
    The electrician with experience can complete the project faster and in a way that reduces the stress and invasion associated with the project. They will also give a quality rewiring service that saves you money and stress in the long run. To ensure you get someone who is skilled and experienced, you can check their Better Business Bureau rating.
    Also, be sure to ask if the electrician will work with an assistant or team. Ask if these persons are vetted and part of the contractor’s permanent crew.

  2. Work out what you need before the project kicks off
    A house rewire allows you to make changes to your wiring system. You can add wiring for future use and change the circuitry altogether. Work out these details or special needs beforehand so the electrician can work accordingly.

  3. Prepare for the costs and cost management
    It’s easy to get a good estimate of how much a home rewire would cost from the web, your electrician, or family and friends. But it’s best to be prepared for costs to go up quickly. At the same time operate on a realistic budget that allows you to manage costs properly.

  4. Get a detailed contract
    This also plays a role in managing costs and avoiding headaches with the project. Ask that your electrician provide a detailed contract before the project begins. The contract should show what the electrician will do, materials to be supplied, repairs for damages if applicable, and everything else that’s involved. This helps you avoid expensive surprises well into the project.

  5. Prepare your home
    It can take a week or longer to rewire an entire house. There will be strangers in your home. Dust, noise, and more uncomfortable things are also a part of the project. To survive with ease, take the first steps to prepare by clearing the rooms. Remove furniture or other appliances that may be in the way or damaged by the dust.

  6. Prepare yourself
    The best thing to do during a house rewire is to move out. This gives the electrician time and space and spares you the stress of the disruptive project. If this isn’t an option for you, then take other actions to help you survive the house rewire better. Start by wearing an N95 face mask to protect you from the dust. Watch your pets and keep them out of the way. Have an arrangement with the electrician on how to work room by room and leave power in some rooms for your use.

Finally, be sure to test everything before signing off the contract as complete.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2023