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Three Benefits of Germicidal UV Lights

While we all rely on our HVAC systems to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer, many are unaware that UV lights can play a major role in the system. Germicidal UV Lights can be installed in your air filtration system to capture and destroy harmful bacteria and viruses that are circulating in your home. Germicidal UV Lights are a great option for reducing the air pollutants in your home and improving your overall air quality. The experts at Yes! are here to share the top three benefits to Germicidal UV Lights:

Eliminates harmful bacteria & viruses

UV, which stands for “ultraviolet”, is a wavelength of light that, when installed in the air filtration system, damages the DNA of bacteria, mold and other air pollutants. Not only is the light invisible to the human eye, but it keeps germs from being able to duplicate and kills them off. This greatly reduces the transmission of respiratory infections, wound infections and more. Since the HVAC system is constantly circulating air, it has the potential to spread these pollutants around the home. However, with Germicidal UV Lights destroying the bacteria and viruses, they will be completely eliminated from your home.

Improves overall air quality

It is important for the air that you and your family breathe to be high-quality, especially for those with respiratory struggles. Since Germicidal UV Lights disinfect the air as it passes through the filter, it ensures that the air in your home is completely clean and sanitized. As the bacteria and germs are removed, any odors from pets or children will be removed as well. The installation of Germicidal UV Lights will ensure that your HVAC system is filling your home with clean, high-quality air.

Decreases electricity cost

One of the greatest benefits of Germicidal UV Lights is their ability to lower electricity costs within a home. By maintaining clean coils and cleaner air, the UV Lights make sure the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. The less that a home maintenance system has to struggle, the more money you are able to save, while still having great air quality.

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