Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

May 04, 2023

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

The new models of air conditioners are designed to be quieter than ever. Most new models are equipped with sound-dampening technology and variable speed compressors for lower noise levels. However, an air conditioner can have different types of issues that can lead to noise. Any unusual sound from the air conditioner can be annoying an indicator of serious issues with the air conditioner. If you ignore the noise, it can lead to further damage to the air conditioner, leading to costly repairs or needing a new air conditioner. The unusual sound is just one of many indicators of a malfunctioning air conditioner. A professional HVAC technician can perform an inspection to determine if there are any issues with your air conditioner. Here are some of the most common causes of unusual noises coming from an air conditioner.

Malfunctioning Compressor

The role of the compressor in an air conditioner is to pressurize the refrigerant gas, which is a substance that completes the transfer of heat process. A malfunctioning compressor can make a buzzing sound. The expected lifespan of a typical modern air conditioner compressor is more than 10 years, but it might not last that long if the air conditioner is not properly maintained. A professional HVAC technician can fix a malfunctioning compressor through a repair service. In some cases, a replacement of the compressor might be required.

Contaminants in the compressor are a common cause of a malfunctioning compressor. The types of contaminants can include insects, dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, fungi, leaves, and more. The heat and moisture of the air conditioner provide ideal conditions for some of these contaminants to thrive. Another cause of compressor failure is electrical problems such as a buildup of acids that can damage wires or cause system burnout.

Loose Parts

A rattling noise from the air conditioner is often the result of loose parts in the air conditioner. These loose parts can be screws or nuts that need a tightening service. In some cases, the air conditioner might have detached panels that could be vibrating to produce the rattling noise. Screws can become loose over time, or they might not have been properly screwed when the panel was last opened. You are more likely to hear the rattling noise from loose panels from the inside unit, but the outdoor unit can also have loose panels making a rattling noise that can be heard from the inside.

Faulty Fan

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner can get very hot due to the overheated refrigerant running through it. The role of the fan in the air conditioner is to draw the heat away from the outdoor condensing unit. A faulty fan can result in unusual noises from the air conditioner. There is also an indoor blower fan that blows the cool air into the interior. Typically, a whirring sound can be heard if there is an issue with the outdoor fan or the indoor blower fan. The fan might be worn out or there might be some debris stuck on it.

Leaking Refrigerant

A leaking refrigerant can result in a buzzing sound from the air conditioner. An air conditioner should not be leaking any refrigerant, as it is designed to be a closed system. The buzzing sound can come from an air conditioner freezing up due to the leaking refrigerant. If the levels of the refrigerant get low, the air conditioner will no longer be able to cool the air. Before the technician can perform an AC recharge service, they will have to find the leak and repair it so the refrigerant does not leak again.

Finding the leak might require the indoor and outdoor unit to be removed and pressure tested. Once the leak has been found, a professional technician can try to perform a repair service. The leak can happen at part of the air conditioner that carries the refrigerant.

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